The affilate program


Dear clients, you have wonderful opportunity to use hosting for free!



  • You invite new clients to CISHost and we will pay to you 10% of purchased utilities from invitees.
  • If you manage to invite more than 10 users with the same service plane as yours than hosting become to be free for you.
  • If you invite lot of clients and your account balance grows month to month, we will pay your honest earnings, every suitable for you electronic fund transfer system (Minimal ammound of refund - 100 rubles).


How to take the part in the affilate program?

1. Pass the billing system

2. Press "Affiliate programs" at the "Customer" box and make double click at blank line

3. Activate and Copy Affiliate link

How to look though affilate link click-through statistics?

1. Pass the billing system

2. Press "Affiliate programs", click by line with affilate link and press the button "Stat", and you will see: date and time of making a payment, ip-address and invited client, who made payment by your affilate link.

3. Press "Affiliate program commissions " in "Finances" box to check receipts from invited accounts.

! Refund makes one time a month. Minimal amount of refund - 100 rubles

Should you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask them through ticket system of Support Center (Billmanager – Support – Open tickets – button «New»).

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