Frequently asked questions


General questions

1. How to register at the hosting?

Press "Registration" on the main page or "Order" below any of tariff plans

2. How to order hosting/domain and to pay services?

Follow the instructions at "support" menu with step-by-step manual of domain registration, order of hosting, and steps to pay orders.

3. I've forgot the password from ISPManager, what should I do?

You can pass ISPManager straight from Billmanager: pass to the "Hosting" menu - сlick by the line with userID - press the button "To server". Next you can change the password to preferred.

4. Why I could not enter PHPMyAdmin for database administration?

Check to be sure the accuracy of the database user and password, that must be userXXX_dbuser and password from the "Databases" menu of ISPmanager. 

5. Where could be found more information about BILLmanager?

Follow the link: BILLmanager or press the button "Help" at the upper right corner of Billmanager system.

6. Where could be found more information about ISPmanager?

Press the link ISPmanager or press the button "Help" at the upper right corner of ISPmanager system.

7. All received information does not help me. How to manage with the problem?

Send the request to the Support center of the billing system  (Billmanager - Open tickets - the button "New").


Server settings (mail, ftp, dns, webmail)

1. What is the name (address) of the POP3, IMAP, SMTP server?

You can point out or just localhost

3. How to get to mail interface?

http://domain/mail - roundcube webmail (login - is your e-mail mail@domain)

4. What are CISHOST NameServers?

5. How to pass FTP-server?

Sign the adress: ftp://domain (Example:

Also you can use FTP-client, for example FileZilla.

 6. What host must be specified at Mysql settings?

It's better to sign "localhost" for better connection with database.


The questions of administrating

1. How to create database?

Follow the instruction How to Create New Database.

2. What is Index file?

 Index file — is the default file opened first by request to web folder, f.e. your visitor desided to open http://domain/test/, where test — is the name of the folder. Index file is the file that will be first shown to user by request to the folder without explicit index.
By default index file can be: index.html, index.htm, index.php, index.php3, index.phtml, index.shtml, default.htm or default.html. If you'd like to change defaul index dile you should redefine сurrent value.

3. What is the role of and how to use .htaccess?

.htaccess file (pay attention on the dot symbol behind) is used to manage the Apache web server by executing of the special directions.

.htaccess could be placed at root folder www. In such a case  directives  of .htaccess will  cover all web-server. Although .htaccess could be placed at the exact subfolder of server so that its directives have highed prioritets than directives from www or в the higher level folder. Changes, made at .htaccess becomes effective immediately because of everytime rereading of information at eache address to web-server Apache.

If any of directives is not working properly and you see the error after its adding to .htaccess, in all likelihood using of the command is forbidden by the conditions of virtual hosting. Make the detailed request to Support center to secure assistance, specify purpicies, that you'd like to achieve.

Exaple: you need to redefine encoding of html or php documents

For that you should place next code to .htaccess:

php_value default_charset utf-8

As the result the file will be opened at declared charset

If you have files with different charsets (ISO-8859-1, Windows-1250, Windows-1252, UTF-8), may be you will have to turn off forced issue of header with charset windows-1251. For that, you must include next line to .htaccess:

AddDefaultCharset Off

Herewith required charset must be signed at eache   html-page  by the way of tag

<http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1251" />


Settlement of disputes and conflicts

1. I've found out spam, viruses sending from IP-addresses of CISHost, what should I do?

Please report at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about security vulnerabilities and we will take remedial actions.

2. Fraudulent website is hosted at servers of CISHost, how to complain?

Please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. abuse message with proof of infringements and we will take all necessury measures to comply with request.


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