Minimal (512Mb)


Is a service plan with a little value of disk space suitable for entrant web designers and those who just want to try hosting during 10 days for free.



 50 RUB per month ($50/mo.)

500 RUB per year ($500/yr.)


Services and Resources Tariff plan «Minimal»
Disk Space (Mb) 512
Monthly Traffic Unlimited
Daily backups +
Mail support SMTP, POP3, IMAP
Anti-virus mail scanning +
Anti-spam protection +
Mailboxes Unlimited
Secure mail protocol +
Webmail interface +
E-mail auto-responders +
Mailing List +
E-Mail groups +
Synonyms Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited
Web-sites Unlimited
FTP-accounts +
.htaccess +
View Statistics +
Access, error log files +
Log file rotation +
Cron job +
PHP, Perl +
CGI working +
MySQL Unlimited
PHPMyAdmin +
Additional IP $150/mo.
SSL Support +



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