Intel Xeon E3



Not only speed but reliability and increased amount of disk space are important for you?

Than we are glad to provide dedicated server  Intel Xeon  with triple 2 Tb discs on the board RAID data storage virtualization technology. Spindle rotation speed - 7200 RPM.

That server is most suitable for both high load projects and storage of big amount of data.




3800 RUB per month ($3800/mo.)

38000 RUB per year ($38000/yr. - your savings $7600)


Services and Recourses Server "Intel Xeon E3"
CPU model Intel Xeon E3-1225 v2
CPU (number of cores) 4
CPU (frequency) 3.10 GGz
RAM (random-access memory) 16 Gb
Disk quota (type) 3x2 Tb HDD
Traffic (Gb per month)
IP-adresses (included in service) 1
Assigned IP-adresses (additional) $150/mo.
Management Interface IPMI -
Control panel Vesta CP
Initial settings +
Advanced settings $600/hour


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