AMD Opteron 4334



Are you looking for dedicated server based on AMD processor technology? Probably Server "AMD Opteron 4334" is the best low cost solution solution with excellent specifications: four 2 Tb discs on the board and RAID data storage virtualization technology.

Contrarily to Intel Xeon technology more morden 32 Gb RAM is used in that configuration with CPU frequency 1600 MHz.




3800 RUB per month ($3600/mo.)

38000 RUB per year ($36000/yr. - your savings $7600)


Services and Recourses Server "AMD Opteron 4334;
CPU model AMD Opteron 4334
CPU (number of cores) 6
CPU (frequency) 3.1 GGz
RAM (random-access memory) 32 Gb
Disk quota (type) 4x2 Tb HDD
Traffic (Gb per month)
IP-adresses (included in service) 1
Assigned IP-adresses (additional) $150/mo.
Management Interface IPMI -
Control panel Vesta CP
Initial settings +
Advanced settings $600/hour


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