How to use webmail


1. Log in to ISPmanager and pass the menu "E-Mail domains". 

2. E-mail domain have must been exist by default. If it is not so, press the button “New” at the right-top corner and select necessary data.

! It’s very important not to forget to enable DKIM here, as most popular mail services necessitate that record  

3. After that you have to create mailbox for the domain. Pass to the “Mailboxes” menu and press the button.



4. Make necessary settings and press "Ок".


6. Ways to access webmail interface:

  • follow the link: http://your_domain/webmaill

  • through the "Extra Applications" of ISPmanager - "WebMail" menu


5. Enter login (e-mail) and password to pass to webmail interface.


6. Check the correctness of sending and receiving e-mails.

7. Additional information about mail-settings at e-mail clients and administrative panel of CMS:

POP3 server: mail.domain (f.e.  Port: 110

IMAP server: mail.domain (f.e.  Port: 143

SMTP server: mail.domain (f.e.  Port: 25  

Encryption: No encryption. 

Authentication: Yes: Use SMTP authentication. 

Username: *******@domain

If you have any further questions don't hesitate ro ask them through the Support center of Billmanager.

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