How to Create New Database


1. Enter the ISPmanager control panel, menu «Databases» at «Management Tools» combo box and add new database with the button "New"



2. Type Database name, Database user, enter password




Database is created, turn attention to the prefix "userXXX_" added before name and username, later you should sign in just full data to pass the PHPmyadmin.




3. Pass to PhpMyAdmin (a tool, intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web) by click on correspond link of «Extra Applications» combo box of ISPmanager



4. Sign in necessary data, do not forget prefix:



5. In the left column choose database and in the work window select «Import» tab


6. To download existing sql file archivate it to .zip or .gz format, push brows button to select file and press "Go"


7. Import is finished. Tables are uploaded.

If you use installation scripts, usually it is not necessary to bring import procedure. Script makes import by itself. You just have to sign in following data: Host (server) - localhost, Database username, Database name, password, default sql port - 3306.

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