Rent of Dedicated Servers


CIShost rents out line of DS (Dedicated server) in one of the best data center, fitted with up-to-date advanced equipment.
DS order includes:

  • Free hardware installation.
  • 100 Mbit/s port unlimited traffic. 


Available configurations:



"Intel Atom"

Bitrix Стандарт

1700 RUB
($1700) /mo.



"Intel Xeon E3"

Bitrix Бизнес

3800 RUB
($3800) /mo.



"AMD Opteron 4334"

Bitrix Business

3800 RUB 
($3800) /mo.




Operation systems for DS at the customer's preferences:


VDS Debian

Debian 6.0 - is one of the most popular distributions of Free Software. It is maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their time and effort. It has strict distribution quality auditim system, comfort update and error-correcting system. It has big variety of supported software solutions, Package Manager: APT. CISHost recommends this system for novice administrators.

VDS хостинг CentOS

CentOS 5.8, CentOS 6.0 - A free rebuild of source packages from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Although it has no technical support, but there is an opportunity to install any available updates of initial commercial application. It is suitable for reliability, functionality and high performance support of shipping version.

VDS хостинг CentOS

FreeBSD 8.3, FreeBSD 9.0  - is legendary and very reliable software for networking devices. FreeBSD is developed by communities as entire operation system. Source core, drivers and different programms code is contained in common version control system. It allows to establish an operation system of unequalled reliability.



vds hosting

Each dedicated server originally configured for proper work with one assigned IP, cost of additional IP-address is 150 RUB ($150) /mo.



Strengths of VDS hosting:

  • Allows users to manage, make all necessary settings and install any required modules at sole discretion.
  • With VDS-server client will never face shut down because of invalid scripts of other clients of shared hosting.
  • VDS owner will never be suffering from DDos-аttacks, comming under outside sites.


Weaknesses of VDS hosting:

  • Additional labour intensity of settings.
  • Comlicated technical support.
  • Unlike shared hosting managing and technical support of DS are subjects to a charge.



* "five minute" installation  — if DS is in stock and operation system is chosen than DS will be installed in automatic mode during 5-20 minutes, in dependence to operation system. 

Please be aware, that DS is activated only after incoming of payment.

** Is open for ordering — number of dedicated servers are limited. If you notice few amount of free server make an order and pay it off as soon as possible. In casr of a competition between customers of the same server it will be automatically provided to first clear the bill account. If the bill is going to be payed by bank (proceeds during 2-5 days), than after making a payment it is recommended to make a request to Support center with scan-copy of payment document, marked by the bank as executed for early pending and reservation of DS. Otherway you have practically no chances for DS proceeding in your 's favor.

*** On a by-order basis — DS will be offered for lease during 1-2 weaks after making payments.

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