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If clickthough is carried out by security https protocol and lead to the error-message below, than it's high time to take care of web visitiors conveniences and own reputation by getting SSL Certificate - Secure Sockets Layer - cryptographic security protocols, establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. Presence of SSL Certificate is extremly importaint and first-order condition for effective and trusted work of web-project.


SSL certificate chrome error


SSL Certificate could be set up manually or downloaded for free from Internet with not much use as basically web-browsers also will warn about nonoccurence of trusted cryptographic system. An amount of frightened customers can not be avaluated, but is rather huge and can reduce site traffic by a huge ratio. Buying of qualitative SSL Certificate – is most correct solution of the issue.

In 2016 Google declared about improving the ranking of sites with HTTPS protocol. This means that the fact of presence of SSL sertificate at your site will be noticed not only by visitors, but also by the search system Sites with SSL certificate will be shown in the search much higher, than sites whithout it

In 2017 Google Chrome browser begin to sign some sites without SSL sertificate as unsafe. Browser developers are planning in the future print a special mark when visiting any unprotected site, thats why we recommend to order SSL sertificate as soon as possible!


Advantages of buying SLL provided by CISHost

  • there is no need to provide documents about persistence of legal entity;
  • protection of subdomain gives an opportunity to protect main domain name;
  • low price

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