VDS hosting

CIShost offers line of VDS (virtual dedicated servers) based on KVM technology, which allows to set up hard limit on resource usage by clients and assure reliability of server. User receives at disposal virtual server with root-access. For make individual setting of own VDS, manage skills of linux-servers are required. Technical staff of CIShost always available to supply base support in installation of web-server Apache, database server MySQL, and other most com and other high-usage software.

VDS are avaliable in Moscow (Network of data-centers "Selectel"), and in Bulgaria, Sofia (data-center 'HostAG").



190 RUB
($190) /mo.

CPU: 400 MHz

RAM: 512 Мb

HDD: 10 Gb

Network: 100 Мb/sec




VDS хостинг

300 RUB
($300) /mo.

CPU: 800 MHz

RAM: 1024 Мb

HDD: 20 Gb

Network: 100 Мb/sec




Start VDS hosting

400 RUB
($400) /mo.

CPU: 1800 MHz

RAM: 1536 Mb

HDD: 30 Gb

Network: 100 Mb/sec




Advanced VDS hosting low price

500 RUB
($500) /mo.

CPU: 2100 MHz

RAM: 2048 Mb

HDD: 40 Gb

Network: 100 Mb/sec




Business VDS hosting

900 RUB
($900) /mo.

CPU: 2x2.1 GHz

RAM: 4096 Mb

HDD: 80 Gb

Network: 100 Mb/sec




Профи VDS хостинг

1700 RUB
($1700) /mo.

CPU: 4x2.1 GHz

RAM: 8192 Mb

HDD: 100 Gb

Network: 100 Mb/sec




Operation systems for VDS at the customer's preferences:


VDS Debian Debian - is one of the most popular distributions of Free Software. It is maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their time and effort. It has strict distribution quality auditim system, comfort update and error-correcting system. It has big variety of supported software solutions, Package Manager: APT. CISHost recommends this system for novice administrators.
VDS hosting CentOS CentOS - A free rebuild of source packages from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Although it has no technical support, but there is an opportunity to install any available updates of initial commercial application. It is suitable for reliability, functionality and high performance support of shipping version.
Ubuntu VDS Ubuntu - is an open source software platform, developed by Canonical Ltd., is one of the most popular Linux distibutives. Ubuntu is oriented on maximum convenience and easy of use. Traditionally it is considered to be less stable then Debian, but having possess more advanced software.
FreeBSD VDS FreeBSD - is legendary and very reliable software for networking devices. FreeBSD is developed by communities as entire operation system. Source core, drivers and different programms code is contained in common version control system. It allows to establish an operation system of unequalled reliability.
Fedora VDS Fedora - is a System for testing of new trchnologies, that are planning to be include to RedHat Enterprise Linux, and to CentOS afterwards. That source package is targeting to those, who like to work with last versions of programms. It uses package manager dnf and enabled by factory default Cockpit Management Console,instead of habitual Webmin.
ArchLinux VDS ArchLinux - is most flexible operating system, whith complexity of settings on the downside. All operations are carried out in manual way. It is oriented at hich skilled professionals. Don't say, that you were not notified.

We could also mount ISO-image of your operating system for unitary construction.

If you need it, make a request to Support Center in Billmanager.

vds хостинг

Each VDS originally configured for proper work with one assigned IP, cost of additional IP-address is 150 RUB ($150) /mo.


no spam

All VDS servers are suppors IPv6.


no spam

We earnestly ask you, not to send SPAM, we seek to hold clearness of Internet environment.


We don't change base settings in eache system, some systems are originally configured on work with login user, and not whith root. Passwords root and user are being sent in e-mail after VDS activation. Please, change it to your own, as e-mails are sent through Internet generally without encryption.

VDS is ready to set up СS: Source and system Mumble.

Server part of Minecraft could be set up to VDS, Manual for setting Minecraft server.


Strengths of VDS hosting:

  • Allows users to manage, make all necessary settings and install any required modules at sole discretion.
  • With VDS-server client will never face shut down because of invalid scripts of other clients of shared hosting.
  • VDS owner will never be suffering from DDos-аttacks, comming under outside sites.


Weaknesses of VDS hosting:

  • Additional labour intensity of settingsи.
  • Comlicated technical support.
  • Unlike shared hosting managing and technical support of VDS are subjects to a charge.
  • VDS do not afford daily backup because of huge amount of placing data.

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